Rich Baldonado

Where are you from?
SoCal born and raised.

What’s your work?
Medical Cardiovascular Technologist… pays the bills. Adventurer, angler, artist… feeds the soul!

What’s your passion?
I’ve been an artist my whole life, from sketching, tattoos (apprenticed in Hawaii), photography and other mediums. Ive also been raised with a fishing rod in my hand since 2 years old.

I’ve been able to combine my two passions of fishing and art over the years through outdoor photography, painting and bait airbrushing.

Favorite place traveled?
I’ve been all over the world with a camera and fishing gear. Thailand was ridiculously dope and I can’t wait to get back. The fishing, the multi-exotic species, the food, culture and people.. so dope! Stay away from the ladyboys!!

Next trip?
I can’t seem to get New Zealand out of my head lately. I need to get over there for some killer fly fishing, exploration and for sure a moko tattoo!

Favorite thing about Ridgemont?
I don’t go out of town without at least 2 pairs of Ridgemonts. With all the travel I do, I’ve literally beat the crap out of my kicks on all different types of trails and terrain and they keep going. They fit anyone’s style and you get more than what you pay for.

See more of Rich on Instagram at @rbtek1 and his tattoo account, @illusiveink