Ridgemont is an outdoor lifestyle brand based in, and inspired by, Southern California.

We lead an average active lifestyle. On any day, we might hike to the surf break, then go get a breakfast burrito. We might walk the dog then go to the office and then out to the bar. We don’t climb mountains, but we regularly climb hills. We’ve never hiked the Appalachian trail or likely to, but we hike the trail by our houses all the time. In fact, we hike lots of trails, but we don’t necessarily scale mountains. We don’t often forge rivers, but we do cross the occasional puddle or stream.

We struggled for years to find shoes that matched our lifestyle, that met not only our desire for ruggedness, water-resistancy and traction, but that also looked stylish. We wanted great looking, well made, simply styled shoes that were also functional. Footwear that we can wear all day, every day and everywhere we go – but we couldn’t find it.

Built For Your Life

We also realized that if we couldn’t find what we were looking, then there must be other poor souls clomping around in needlessly bulky boots, likewise yearning for outdoor footwear with more style but without compromising functionality.

Never ones to wait around for others to do things for us, we took it upon ourselves to make what we, and others, wanted from their outdoor footwear.  We did and we called it Ridgemont.  Footwear truly Built For Your Life.

Long Beach, 2014