Ridgemont Monty over Blue Lake


If you’ve ever dealt with a bank, in pretty much any capacity, you know how awesome that is. So, just as we bucked the status quo in the outdoor footwear market, we’re doing the same when it comes to fundraising. Instead of working with Wall Street, we want to work with Main Street.

To do that, we’ve teamed up with the guys at WeFunder to offer each and every one of you a fantastic opportunity to be part of Ridgemont’s future.

For as little as $100 you can help us continue our success, and at the same time, make your money work harder for you, and get some great Ridgemont gear to boot!

Alex Hall
CEO, Ridgemont

UPDATE 17th AUGUST – $120k Thanks!

I just wanted to post and update and say thank you for all your fantastic support during the fund raise so far.  We’ve already reached $120,000 and are hoping to keep the momentum rolling and push on towards $200,000.  With those extra funds we aim to invest in further digital and traditional marketing to expand the brand awareness of Ridgemont, as well as develop new product lines.

We are pleased to announce that our first financial quarter figures (Apr-Jun 17) are showing revenues of over $315k, thanks largely to our hugely successful Kickstarter for the Heritage boot, and we are confident of achieving/exceeding the full year target of $850k.

Thanks again for all your support and please feel free to share the investment opportunity with any friends or colleagues you think may be interested.



If you want to turn every $100 you invest into $200 plus pick up some awesome free Ridgemont gear then click on the button below and make a pledge on our WeFunder page.



  • $100+ Ridgemont supporter t-shirt
  • $250+ The above, plus a free pair of shoes!
  • $500+ Two free shirts and two free pairs of shoes
  • $1,000+ The above, plus 30% discount on all web purchases for duration of loan
  • $2,500+ The above, plus 50% discount on all web purchases for duration of loan
  • $5,000+ Join the Ridgemont team and be a part of the next catalog photo-shoot! (plus the above)